About Hardscapes Construction, Inc.

Hardscapes Construction, Inc., was established in 1992 by Karen M. Bass, President, and is a certified Disadvantaged Business (DBE/Woman Owned) Enterprise in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. Hardscapes has extensive experience constructing (and can offer complete design/build packages for) a variety of retaining wall systems including but not limited to: MSE panel, segmental block, welded wire, steepened slope and cribbing systems. Hardscapes also installs sound walls/barriers, and is qualified to perform site preparations including but not limited to: Geo-foam block installation, sediment and erosion control, and bio-retention work. We also offer installation services for a variety of specialty and porous pavers. We take pride in our ability to be a fully contributing team member and helping make your project a success for all involved.

Why Use Hardscapes Construction, Inc?

Hardscapes Construction, Inc. was established in 1992 by Karen M. Bass, President, and is a certified  Disadvantaged Business (Woman Owned) Enterprise in the States of MD, VA, DC, PA, NJ, WV, DE, NC, SC, GA, FL and TX.  We are fully licensed, insured, and bondable, offering complete design/build packages to Construction Managers, Contractors, Developers & Site Contractors who are working on Heavy Highway,   Governmental and Commercial construction projects.

Why Use Hardscapes?

Hardscapes Construction, Inc. has extensive experience constructing a wide variety of MSE Panel Walls, steepened slopes, wire faced retaining wall systems, cribbing systems, and segmental retaining walls—offering complete design/build services for several hundred thousand square feet of retaining walls each year.    Hardscapes Construction, Inc. is also qualified to perform site preparations including but not limited to, geo foam block installation, sediment and erosion control work, and bio retention work.  We also install sound walls/barriers, and can offer design/build services for a variety of specialty & porous paving products.

All projects are constructed with our own personnel, many of whom have been with the Company since its inception in 1992.   We E-Verify all employees.  Hardscapes Construction, Inc. prides itself on performing jobs on time and within budget, and having an outstanding ability to repeat and maintain long term relationships with our customers.  We take pride in being a fully contributing member of your project team.

Our current DBE Certifications are as follows:


MDOT MBE/DBE Certified- 95-035

FLDOT DBE Certified

VDOT SWaM Certified/ DBE Certified- 626619

TxDOT DBE Certified- VN 23726

DelDOT DBE Certified- C-953

PennDOT DBE Certified – 13549

WVDOT DBE Certified

NCDOT DBE Certified – 81097

DDOT/WMATA DBE Certified – 1542
& MWAA LDBE Certified – LD2014-0387-2017

NJDOT DBE Certified

SCDOT DBE Certified

GDOT DBE Certified – VN 23726




Highway Street and Bridge Construction (specifically: Pavement, specialty placement of materials: brick, bluestone, etc., (no concrete or asphalt paving); bridge abutments, culverts and roadways [including the approaches] on highway projects [construction of MSE panel, segmental block, welded wire and basket retaining walls, and precast sound wall systems]; paving work on medians, walkways, access roads; the construction of brick, unit porous and natural stone paving, (no poured concrete or asphalt (paving) work)


Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (specifically: non-highway related retaining wall construction work to include, but not be limited to: parks, schools and airport projects [MSE panel, segmental block, welded wire and basket retaining walls; precast sound wall system]; paving work on non-highway related projects i.e. parks, schools, etc.: the construction of brick, unit, porous and natural stone paving.  No poured concrete or asphalt (paving) work.  Sediment Control System construction.


Masonry Contractors (specifically: retaining walls)


Site Preparation Contractors (Specifically: backfilling)

Services Offered

Hardscapes Construction, Inc., a DBE certified (Woman-Owned) company, offers complete design/build services for the following:

Retaining walls

MSE panel
Segmental block
Welded wire

Precast and top of wall treatments

½ connector
Moment slab
Reinforced soil slopes

Sound walls
Geofoam block & miscellaneous fills

We also offer construction services for:

Storm Water Management
Bio Retention facilites
Porous (Unit) Paving


Below please find a partial listing of just a few of the projects that Hardscapes Construction, Inc., a DBE certified (Woman-Owned) company, has successfully completed which demonstrates our range of abilities. Please contact us for more detailed project information and/or project and customer references for any of the projects listed below:

MSE panel retaining walls

  • 11th Street Bridge Phase 1
  • 11th Street Bridge Phase 2
  • 495 Hotlanes
  • 95 Hotlanes
  • I-81 Truck Climbing Lanes
  • Anacostia Riverwalk
  • Inter County Connector Phase B
  • VDOT 9B4

Segmental Block retaining walls

  • Richie Station Marketplace
  • Shoppes at Dakota Crossing Phase 1
  • Shoppes at Arundel Preserve
  • Brunswick Crossing
  • Villages of Waugh Chapel
  • Roblee Drive Stream Bank Restoration

    Welded Wire walls

  • Westminster Marketplace
  • Waugh Chapel South
  • Marlboro Crossing
  • InterCounty Connector B
  • US Rt. 40 over the Patapsco River
  • 11th Street Bridge Phase 1 & 2
  • Downtown Midtown Tunnel Portsmouth Surcharge area


  • Virginia Manor

Porous pavers

  • Sandy Point State Park
  • US Naval Academy Metzger Parking Lot
  • US Naval Academy Worden Field

EPS foam block fills (geo foam)

  • 11th Street Phase 1
  • 11th Street Phase 2


  • Lowes Harrisonburg PA
  • Private development, Philadelphia, PA
  • BGE substation Baltimore MD

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