•  MDOT MBE/DBE Certified- 95-035
  • FLDOT DBE Certified
  • VDOT SWaM Certified/ DBE Certified- 626619
  • TXDOT DBE Certified- VN 23726
  • DelDOT DBE Certified- C-953
  • PennDOT DBE Certified – 13549
  • WVDOT DBE Certified
  • NCDOT DBE Certified – 81097
  • DDOT/WMATA DBE Certified – 1542
    & MWAA LDBE Certified – LD2014-0387-2017
  • NJDOT DBE Certified
  • SCDOT DBE Certified
  • GDOT DBE Certified – VN 23726




Highway Street and Bridge Construction (specifically: Pavement, specialty placement of materials: brick, bluestone, etc., (no concrete or asphalt paving); bridge abutments, culverts and roadways [including the approaches] on highway projects [construction of MSE panel, segmental block, welded wire and basket retaining walls, and precast sound wall systems]; paving work on medians, walkways, access roads; the construction of brick, unit porous and natural stone paving, (no poured concrete or asphalt (paving) work)


Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (specifically: non-highway related retaining wall construction work to include, but not be limited to: parks, schools and airport projects [MSE panel, segmental block, welded wire and basket retaining walls; precast sound wall system]; paving work on non-highway related projects i.e. parks, schools, etc.: the construction of brick, unit, porous and natural stone paving.  No poured concrete or asphalt (paving) work.  Sediment Control System construction.


Masonry Contractors (specifically: retaining walls)


Site Preparation Contractors (Specifically: backfilling)